Hi I saw you taking pictures at g-easy at bumbershoot, and I was wondering if you could post/send me more!! Thank you so much, I love your photos!

Nesrindanan.com! :D

do you have any advice for photographers who want to start a business like you at a young age. while being taken seriously

Be professional - even if you don’t know what you’re doing, carry yourself confidently, be polite and do your best. Make connections wherever possible - be nice to everyone cause they may be able to help you someday when you need it. Reach out to all types of people for shoots, build a portfolio and find your style and work your way up.

saw you at the hoodie allen concert in portland! Do you have a flickr or anything for pictures?


portland & seattle ~

come meet me at Teen Hoot on sept. 14 in Seattle! I’d love to see all ya pretty faces <3